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ACPRC Work Plan

Committee Work Plan 2016

ACPRC Work Plan 2016

Every year the ACPRC committee meets to review the progress of the previous year and set the work plan for the coming year. The review of the previous year will be presented in the annual report at the on-line AGM.

Over the last year the ACPRC have become acutely aware of the changing needs of Professional Networks. This includes their role in supporting physiotherapists with their professional profile, educational needs and providing support in the developing NHS. As a committee we felt there may have been a potential mismatch for some of our members with how the ACPRC is achieving this role. Moreover the visibility of the ACPRC in delivering on this agenda has at times not been as clear as we would have liked.

We have become concerned about the optimal ways of driving and delivering on our work plans. More than this, we are keener than ever to engage with our membership through the development of our profile within social media and through our educational priorities. Last year we faced a number of challenges with a large change in committee members, due to both illness and other factors. This has meant we have enjoyed welcoming a number of new and enthusiastic members. We are a committee which includes B6's to B8a's, across both hospital based roles, research and education. We are a young committee but an enthusiastic one who is keen to deliver a high quality, well respected and engaged professional network group. Over the last year we have successfully developed many relationships with stakeholders including the ICCrPT, BTS, ICS, NICE and the CSP to name a few. This has demonstrated how highly regarded our network is, as well as emphasising the importance of the ACPRC being a voice to all physiotherapists within the cardiorespiratory field. Moreover the visibility of such roles to members and stakeholders has never been more important.

Therefore Ian (Vice Chair) and myself with the support of the committee felt that our annual Away Day in November 2015 (where we review our upcoming work plan) should be used as an opportunity to review ALL aspects of the ACPRC, for the benefit of all. The aim of such a review was to ask the questions; How are we doing? What can we do better? What scaffolding does the ACPRC need in order to deliver the vision that our members would get the most benefit from?

This review was completed in December 2015 and approached this challenge by having a series of workshops and strategy exercises to engage an open discussion of the role of our group. Moreover we also looked at all our structural processes with the aim to review how effectively we work as a team. We were keen to understand any mismatch between our intentions of the committee and the expectations of the wider membership, including our stakeholders. Our overall aim was to consider how to develop further as a committee and to expand the benefits to members of being part of this growing network. We had a successful few days, and followed this up with our annual committee meeting where our work plans for both this year and over the next 5 years were discussed. Moreover we have completely re-written our process and structure details of which are available for you to review. The aim of our new Operating Procedures are to help the committee work more efficiently and transparently.

This review has highlighted the challenges of a voluntary and often changing committee, and aims to provide some structure and permanence to our processes. We are continuing to use 2016 to establish such processes and hope this will enable our committee to develop in strength, visible to both our members and stakeholders.