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Minimum standards of clinical practice by UK Critical Care physiotherapists

Opportunity now open to participate in a research study investigating the minimum standards of clinical practice for physiotherapists within the UK. This research aims to identify a competency framework for physiotherapists assessing and treatment patients within critical care departments. The research team is looking for senior Critical Care physiotherapists to be involved in the Delphi consensus.

Within the United Kingdom, competency of practice in critical care settings is not a requirement of entry level physiotherapy courses despite Level 1 evidence demonstrating the benefit of physiotherapy intervention in reducing length of stay, ventilation duration and improving physical function, quality of life, and muscle strength.

Internationally, calls for a competency framework that is endorsed by experienced physiotherapy clinicians working in the critical care environment have been made in order to clarify the role of the physiotherapist in critical care and ensure safe and effective evidence-based physiotherapy practices.

Developing a competency framework/xmimumum standards will allow clarification of the minimum level of knowledge and practice expected of those practitioners working in critical care. Developing this framework may enhance the consistency of the physiotherapy role within critical care settings and may provide a foundation with which to further develop the role of the physiotherapist within critical care. An agreed set of minimum standards aims to provide a foundation to underpin the provision of consistent education and training in critical care physiotherapy across United Kingdom. Accordingly, the aim of this project is to establish a framework for minimum standards of clinical practice for physiotherapists working in United Kingdom critical care settings.

The eligibility application questionnaire for the Physiotherapy ICU Delphi Panel can be found here.

Article Published - 6/3/2017