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Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care

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ACPRC Journal

The ACPRC Journal is an annual publication containing original, peer reviewed research and review papers, audit reports, case studies, editorials, conference reports, equipment reports and reviews.

The deadline for the 2018 journal is 31st January 2018. For more infomation regarding submission for the ACPRC Journal please contact

Write On!

The ACPRC journal is currently open to submissions. Holly Gilbert, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, wrote a case study that was included in the 2010 journal discussing an unusual patient’s presentation and treatment. It was the first time that she had had any work published - here she writes about what she gained from the experience.

“Not only did it refresh skills that I hadn’t used since completing my degree, but I also gained valuable insight into the quality and style of writing required if you want to get a piece of work published. Starting with a (very) long-winded write up of a patient I had looked after, I was surprised by the number of times that I needed to revise it in order to produce a succinct and well-reasoned case study. The crucial thing that became apparent is this: although an argument that you have clinically-reasoned may seem very obvious to you, it is not always so clear to others. This invaluable lesson applies to how any of us communicate with other professionals, students and, especially, our patients.

Although writing up the case study was hard work, it was incredibly rewarding and it was great to use parts of my brain that have been lazy for a while. I felt very proud (and stupidly excited) when I opened last year’s journal to see my name in print for the first time.

The whole process also made me think about how much we all have to gain as clinicians by sharing our vast collective pool of knowledge, skills and experience. We represent an astonishingly broad range of clinical settings and patient populations, and every single one of us is capable of contributing. What better way to do this than writing something for our own journal? So...think about a patient that you have treated, or audit or research project that you have undertaken, and have a go!”

The current and previous issues of the ACPRC journal are available to download below.

If you would like to submit an article to the ACPRC journal, please click here