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Major Trauma

Resources related to Major Trauma and Critical Care.

In 2010, the NHS Clinical Advisory Group for Major Trauma made recommendations to the Department of Health in England calling for the reconfiguration and development of services in Major Trauma Networks to provide coordinated pathways of care. Since 2010, 27 Major Trauma Centres have been established across England, each linked with a number of supporting Trauma Units within the surrounding network. The London Major Trauma network was the first launched in 2010, with networks around the rest of England established from April 2012.

A map of the Major Trauma Centres in England can be found at the bottom of the page.

Major Trauma is defined using the Injury Severity Score (ISS), which assigns a value to injuries in different parts of the body and totals them to give a figure representing the severity of injury. An ISS >15 is defined as ‘Major Trauma’, whilst patients with an ISS of 9-15 have moderately severe trauma.

In 2012, the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine published core standards for specialist rehabilitation within the major trauma pathways, including implementation of the specialist rehabilitation prescription (BSRM 2013)12. It has since been highlighted in many quarters that what works for major trauma is equally applicable for patients managed in acute care pathways following any severe disabling illness or injury (BSRM 2014)13. This may include acquired brain, spinal cord injury, stroke, Guillain Barre Syndrome and other polyneuropathies, and other complex conditions requiring prolonged hospitalisation or management on a critical care unit.

Included here are a selection of links to key resources associated with Major Trauma and rehabilitation.

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