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Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care

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Twitter Chats

Find details of our next Twitter chat, the questions, and any pre-reading here. Our Twitter chats are always the last Wednesday of the month at 8pm. You can also access our previous Twitter chats in the downloads section.





1. How can services secure funding with the lack of therapy ‘standards’ for ICU?

2. Are services meeting D16 standards? Are the standards appropriate for most ICUs?

3. Do GPICS/CG83 need reviewing and updating – If so, what and why?

4. Are Physio specific guidelines for Critical Care needed? What might it include?

5. Should there be an advanced competency framework for ICU physios?

6. Should ICU therapists outreach, or should specialist services in-reach to ICU?

7. What possibilities are there for innovation and technology related to physio/rehab in ICU?

8. Why have big ICU rehab trials often shown negative results?

9. What barriers do you experience to rehab, and how do you overcome them?

10. With the current rehab focus, what is the future of respiratory physiotherapy within the ICU?


Don't forget the hashtag!! #physioICU